This is one of my development web sites. Feel free to use the various tools and resources on this site such as the Regex Test Tool. Keep in mind, however, that this site is essentially a "playground" that may be taken down for maintenance or upgrade without notice, and may sometimes be a bit "buggy".

Domains for Sale

On occasion, I have domain names that I no longer need and am willing to sell. Such domain names are listed below.

I typically set these domains for sale on NameCheap for a fixed price. The "Offer Expires" field indicates when the NameCheap sale offer expires. Until the offer expires, you can purchase the domain by following the link to NameCheap and simply adding the domain to your shopping cart at the fixed price. Once the offer expires, however, the domain can not longer be purchased unless I decide to relist it for sale.

Domain Offer Expires Previous Use
Clawth.com June 10, 2023 This domain was previously used for the development of .NET assemblies.
ImaxPlays.com May 11, 2023 This domain was previously used for private MineCraft servers.
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